April 1, 2022

Spectres of Benton County Past, Season Two, Coming This May

April 26, 2022

Contact: Adrienne Fritze
Founder, Conundrum House
(541) 250-2027

CORVALLIS, Oregon - Spectres of Benton County Past is a Benton County-wide clue hunt mystery featuring the rich stories of the county’s captivating history told through the voices of its colorful residents from centuries past. The Benton County Historic Resources Commission (https://www.co.benton.or.us/hrc) is partnering with Conundrum House (https://www.conundrumhouse.com/) to celebrate National Historic Preservation Month in May.

This free-for-all-ages adventure kicks off May 7th with the mystery starting where Season 1 left off - at the Whiteside Theater. Clue hunters have a week to investigate, in person or virtually, with new episodes and historic locations launched the following Saturdays (5/14, 5/21 and wrapping everything together at the grand finale on 5/28).

 A week prior to the Oregon Heritage Conference, Season One will relaunch online starting April 23rd. The conference was previously scheduled to be held in Corvallis, but due to an abundance of caution has been changed to virtual. Spectres Season One and Two will be promoted at the Conference.

Benton County Historic Resources Commission

“We are excited to have people enjoy Spectres of Benton County again this year,” says Inga Williams, Community Development at Benton County Historic Resources Commission. “This historically accurate -with a twist of fiction - hunt was created through the fantastical imagination and technological wizardry of Adrienne Fritze and Mark van der Pol of Conundrum House, a local Corvallis business dedicated to the art of fun through games.”

The game has been designed to appeal to users' preferences - clue hunters can pick up printed information at the locations or resource, use a QR code on their mobile phone, or through a custom website. Players must sign up at https://spectres.conundrumhouse.com/online to receive emails with relevant information.“

I am excited we are bringing forth season Two of Spectres of Benton County Past in May this year!” exclaims co-conspirator and Conundrum House founder Mark van der Pol. “It was a blast creating and producing season One last year, and seeing the community engage - all ages participated, both online and in person!”

Spectres’ ghosts speak to the players through a series of riddles and a variety of puzzles, each revealing clues to pieces of the story. Players are guided by voices from the past to each destination in the game, leading them to discover the alluring history of this county in the Pacific Northwest.

In the Spectres of Benton County Past experience last year, players explored five historic sites -the Benton County Courthouse, the Grange on Greenberry Road, the Van Buren Bridge, the Kidder Hall, and ending at the Whiteside Theater.


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