Graphic Novel Adventures Season #1 - Full Set - Conundrum House
Graphic Novel Adventures Season #1 - Book 1 - Captive. Conundrum House
Graphic Novel Adventures Season #1 - Book 2 - Tears of a Goddess. Conundrum House
Graphic Novel Adventures Season #1 - Book 3 - Loup Garou. Conundrum House
Graphic Novel Adventures Season #1 - Book 4 - Your Town. Conundrum House
Graphic Novel Adventures Season #1 - Book 5 - Sherlock Holmes Four Investigations. Conundrum House

Graphic Novel Adventures Season #1 Full Set

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Graphic Novel Adventures (Season 1)

5 spellbinding Graphic Adventure Novels.

In these Graphic Adventure Novels, you play the part of the main character, and as you read you get to make choices what you want to do next - sometimes these are short-lived dead-ends, other times wild goose chases. Either way, the story unfolds based on your choices in the story!

There are five titles in the first season, Captive, Tears of a Goddess, Loup GarouYour Town, and Sherlock Holmes: Four Investigations.

Author: Manuro. Illustrator: MC.

A family member has been kidnapped! Can you navigate through a dark mansion filled with unseen dangers and rescue her? You'll encounter foes, puzzles, traps, riddles, and much, much more! You'll need to hurry as time is tracked as you go. 

Tears of a Goddess
Author: Manuro. Illustrator: Ben Jurdic.  Inks: Damien Gay.

The sacred sprouts known as "the tears of Nuwa" have been stolen by three thieves. You are a bounty hunter hired to track them down and return the sprouts before the apocalypse is unleashed! And make a bit of money in the process.

Loup Garou
Author: Moon. Illustrator: 2D.

Loup Garou means Werewolf (it's French). You've been bitten and you are now a young werewolf. You'll have to learn to control your powers if you are going to find your master and solve the mysterious events going on in the town of Whitehorn. You will fight monsters, creatures, human enemies and other foes!

Your Town
Author: Shuky. Illustrator: 2D.

Ever wondered what it was like to be the mayor of a small town in the wild west? Well here's your chance to find out. You'll build buildings on a map to earn income, create jobs, attract new citizens, and gain a whole host of other benefits (and sometimes consequences) to help you manage the critical aspects of town!

Sherlock Holmes Four Investigations
Author & Illustrator: CED.

It will take every bit of intuition and deductive reasoning you can muster to solve the cases in this one! Choose to play as Dr. John Watson or as Sherlock himself. The unique system allows you to play over and over without learning the solutions of each case until you have successfully solved them. But will you be able to ignore your curiosity and play through it again without looking at the solutions?