The End of Thyme


Thyme has been Killed, and You've
Been Summoned to the Reading of Her Will

By all witness accounts, The Great Sage Rosemary N. Thyme was a tragic victim of a Hit-and-Run. But rumor has it the police say it's murder! Either way, Thyme's death proves problematic to her top-shelf clients as it happened during a Grand Jury investigation into racketeering, with many of the Sage's clients implicated in the wrongdoings. YOU have been invited by one of Sage's most beloved and high-profile clients, Roxie “Red” Pepper, multimillionaire owner of the lucrative franchise chain “Pepper Shaker Produce and Laundry Company of Oregon”, to the reading of the Sage's will. It is an invitation you cannot refuse…

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Character Dossier & Pre-Game Night Secrets Packet + Dinner + Game Play is $35/Character
Dossier & Pre-Game packets arrive in the mail after you book your character. 
Packets go out starting May 31st.