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Puce Hector

A Medical Drama - A Doctors and Nurses themed Murder Mystery Game

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If you are looking for award winning entertainment to amuse your friends and family then look no further. Our incredibly fun murder mystery "A Medical Drama" creates some doctors and nurses themed fun as you and your friends try to work out who killed Ricky Mortice! If you're a fan of ER, Grays Anatomy and Holby City - then this one is for you! PLOT: General County Hospital has an excellent reputation. The staff are friendly and helpful and the hospital is one of the top performing hospitals in the district. As a teaching hospital, standards are exceptionally high and General County always has a bustling Emergency Room and is famed for its excellent diagnostics department. The hospital canteen is a safe haven for the staff during a busy shift. With segregated staff and visitor areas it ensures the busy medical staff are allowed to rest in peace. Unfortunately, resting in peace is something one staff member Is doing rather too well. Lead surgeon, Mr Richard (Ricky) Mortice, has been found dead in the Doctor’s rest area, which means someone on the staff is responsible! The question is who?