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Puce Hector

A Steam Punk Murder - a Steampunk themed Murder Mystery Game

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If you are looking for award winning entertainment to amuse your friends and family then look no further. Our incredibly fun murder mystery "A Steampunk Murder" creates some steampunk themed fun as you and your friends try to work out who killed the minister for transportation: Tobias Jugg! PLOT: The year is 1899. During Queen Victoria’s reign, there have been huge leaps in scientific and industrial progress. This year alone has seen the maiden voyage of the White Star Line’s largest cruise ship, the RMS Oceanic and the British Antarctic Expedition’s voyage into the Antarctic Circle. Pivotal in government is Tobias Jugg, Minister for Transport and one of the Empire’s true industrialists. This evening, he has invited the rich, famous and intellectual to his country home, Jugg Manor, intent on using their intelligence to forecast the future of the Empire and his own path through the potential rises and falls of the economy. Little did he expect that, along with his esteemed guests, he was also inviting a murderer!