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Puce Hector

A Victorian Gothic Murder - A Victorian Halloween Themed Murder

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If you are looking for award winning entertainment to amuse your friends and family then look no further. Red Herring Games award winning murder mystery "A Victorian Gothic Murder" is a fun gothic themed murder mystery which you and your friends will enjoy any time of the year, but especially around Halloween! PLOT: It’s Victorian England and the dark and gloomy Gothic Inn sits on a lonely stretch of muddy highway somewhere north of London. It has a reputation for attracting a somewhat sinister clientele, and the group of travellers who are spending this particular night at the inn are no exception! Tired and hungry from their journey by stagecoach or horseback, the inn’s guests expect the landlord, Ebenezer Sleaze, to serve up a hearty evening meal to satisfy their appetites. Unfortunately, they are served up something very different when his body is discovered in the inn’s parlour! Was Ebenezer Sleaze’s death an accident, or was one of the disturbing guests responsible for so cruelly cutting short Sleaze’s life? And will there be any evening meal?