Conundrum House Game Rentals + Discounts Club (Locals Only)

Conundrum House Game Rentals + Discounts Club (Locals Only)

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This Club is available only to residents in the Corvallis, Oregon area - within an approximate 20-mile radius from our HQ in downtown Corvallis. Includes all the benefits of both clubs.

Game Rentals Club members are entitled to:

  • One FREE weekly game rental per month;
    • Additional rentals are $7.50/week; and
  • Members may rent any of our new, unopened retail games, including expansions, for $7.50 a week. If the Member decides they would like to purchase that game, the rental fee may be applied to purchase of the game.

Under this plan the subscribing Member receives, at minimum, the following benefits:

1) 10% base discount on all products. 
2) early notification re: new products coming in and when;
3) the ability to pre-order games, or make special order requests (we have access to thousands of titles through our distributors).