Conundrum House Games Rental Club + LARPing Guild Twofer (Locals Only)

Conundrum House Games Rental Club + LARPing Guild Twofer (Locals Only)

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This Club is available only to residents in the Corvallis, Oregon area - within an approximate 20-mile radius from our HQ in downtown Corvallis. Includes all the benefits of both clubs.

Game Rentals Club members are entitled to:

  • One FREE weekly game rental per month;
    • Additional rentals are $7.50/week; and
  • Members may rent any of our new, unopened retail games, including expansions, for $7.50 a week. If the Member decides they would like to purchase that game, the rental fee may be applied to purchase of the game.

For the Mysterious Experiences Guild for the bi-annual subscription membership, in each half year the Member receives 2 of 4 benefits at any time in the 6 months they choose:

  • Murder Mystery Party dinner game,
  • One of the two (2) character roles reserved for the Member, and/or
  • Gifting a character role to a friend, partner, colleague, roommate, family member, etc.
All other Guild benefits may be used immediately, including putting themselves on the Play-Testing invitee lists, discounts (10% base plus any additional coupons or discounts allowed), and upgrading their standard character roles, as well as the Gifted role, to a Deluxe version for $25 each.