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Al's “other” bodyguard

All we know about this stealthy personal protection guru is that he, or she, prefers cocktails in stemmed glasses, cuz that's the only evidence police ever find at a Shadow crime scene, along with a business card that reads “Only the Shadow NoNoNo's.” Part seriously creepy, part mega cool.

Includes: Dossier Packet

    • Full dossier of your character
    • Complete round-up of your character's relationship to the other characters in the experience, including any SECRETS you have about them, or they about you!
    • Props - including unique props for use by your character during Game Day play
    • Guidance on how to be a compelling character
      • Costume suggestions
      • List of things to have on hand (like - pen or pencil, tea cups, et al)

Password-Protected Game Page

  • eMail with the URL to your secret, password-protected page containing all the information and other elements you will need to play the experience.
    • FOR DIGITAL PLAYERS, all the Dossier elements listed above
    • Zoom background screens for all rounds of play
    • Game rounds released round by round during the Live Play

The DELUXE VERSION requires EARLY registration so we have time to get the physical DOSSIER PACKET to you before Game Day.

The ELECTRONIC ONLY version has all the same elements, however not the same 3D experience.