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Puce Hector

Death Comes To Downturn - An all girl 1920s themed Murder Mystery Game

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If you are looking for award winning entertainment to amuse your friends and family then look no further. Our incredibly fun murder mystery "Death comes to Downturn" creates a fun vintage themed evening of fun as you and your friends take on the roles of the ladies of the aristocracy and try to solve the case. Downturn Shabby, the ancestral home of Lord and Lady Rawley, is hosting a shooting party. When Lord Rawley is found dead in the library suspicion falls not on the blood-thirsty men who are grouse-shooting, but the gossiping, tea-drinking ladies who have gathered for the evening’s dinner party. The question on everyone’s lips is who handbagged Lord Rawley and why? See if you have what it takes to solve this 1920s inspired murder mystery!