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Conundrum House

End of Thyme Box Set

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EXPERIENCE YOURSELF as a SUSPECT in a tasty, tongue-in-cheek, live-action role playing murder mystery, The End of Thyme!

Everything you need to fully immerse yourself in this 12 character murder mystery experience is included in the box. You also have access to an online depository of all the play materials, PLUS direct access to the creators to answer any and all your questions via Zoom, e-mail, and text.

The setting is MONKSHOOD, OR, a quaint, small college and retirement town in rural-ish Oregon ~ a place where the rich get richer and the poor, well, they go to work in the underworld of Monkshood! Everyone (no matter their PLACE in life!) is stunned by the recent news of the unthymely death of the community's Card Reader to the local elite, the Great Sage Rosemary N. Thyme!