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Puce Hector

Gangsters, Guns and Garters - A 1920s themed Murder Mystery Game

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If you are looking for award winning entertainment to amuse your friends and family then look no further. Our incredibly fun murder mystery "Gangsters, Guns and Garters" creates a fun 1920s Mobsters and Molls themed evening of fun as you and your friends take on mob and try to solve the case. Al Scapone, master criminal and Godfather of the infamous Scapone family, lies dead, gunned down in his own club!Word of this hit gets out and the whole balance of power in the city could be thrown into chaos. Al’s murder needs to be resolved, and fast, to restore the credibility of the family. The question is, can the killer be found, or some scapegoat framed, before the end of the night? See if you have what it takes to solve this 1920s themed murder mystery!