Chrystal Chandelier, Publisher of the Monkshood Gazette - The End of Thyme
The 12 Suspects are Invited to the Reading of The Great Sage Rosemary N. Thyme's reading of her will - The End of Thyme
Roxie "Red" Pepper, Founder Pepper Shaker Produce and Laundry Company of Oregon - The End of Thyme
Al Capon, Gangster Don of Monkshood - The End of Thyme
Ginger B. Redd, Real Estate Agent - The End of Thyme
Charlie "Potato" Head, Tuber Scientist - The End of Thyme
"Nut" Meg Chandelier, Criminology Student - The End of Thyme
Senator "Forest" Green Bean, U.S. Senator from Oregon - The End of Thyme
Brock "Crock" Lee, Corporate Attorney at Fische, Blarney and Stone - The End of Thyme
Paemae P. Lenti, "Pro" Witness - The End of Thyme
Ace Maker, Al Capon's No. 1 Bodyguard - The End of Thyme
Shadow, Al Capon's Other Bodyguard - The End of Thyme
Ava Cahdo, Investigative Journalist at the Monkshood Gazette - The End of Thyme

The End of Thyme Character Roles, May 29!

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THE SET-UP | The Great Sage Rosemary N. Thyme, the tragic victim of a hit-n-run, is now rumored to be the victim of a MURDER, not an accident. Either way, Thyme's death proves problematic to YOU and other of her clients. Why? She was to testify to the Grand Jury on a racketeering ring in which you were involved. Did you kill Thyme?

DATE/TIME | Friday May 29, 6:00-9:00p

LOCATION | Conundrum House, 460 SW Madison Avenue, Suite 16 (2nd Floor) Corvallis, Oregon

TICKET PRICE INCLUDES | Character Dossier & Pre-Game Night Secrets Packet + Dinner + Game Play w/Our Game Master Dür laCoque, and Conundrum House Librarian Georgie Brack.

Dossier & Pre-Game packets arrive in the mail after you book your character.
Packets start to go out December 15th.

ORDER EARLY! See who you get to be in the Cast of Characters below. AND give yourself Thyme (oops, TIME) to read through your character dossier, and mess with some of the clues in your packet!