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Conundrum House offers you mysterious and puzzling experiences - tabletop games (rent or buy), Live-Action Role-Playing mystery parties (online with us, or order a DIY Kit for @home play), FREE Game Night in our Zoom Game Room.

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Here in our online store you will find our curated collection of board games, RPGs, escape games, and card games. Discover Bestselling Games like Mysterium, Kill Doctor Lucky, a series of the EXIT Escape Games, Spy Club, Clue Master Detective, T.I.M.E. Stories and many others.

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At Conundrum House we have a curated collection of mysterious suspenseful board games, RPGs, mystery dinner parties, mechanical puzzles and more!

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Character players in the Live-Action Role-Playing whodunit game The End of Thyme

AND if you are LOCAL to our HQ in Corvallis Oregon you can also RENT games from us.

Renting gives you the opportunity to test out any of our available games without having to pay the full price of many of the newer boardgames, no matter their retail price!

Also available in our Rentals are out-of-print and hard to find collections, like our murder mystery jigsaw puzzles. We even have a large collection of serial mystery games from Hunt-a-Killer, Mysterious Package Company and Red Herring Games!

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1The Classic Bookcase games so many love! These are a "lighter" role-playing fare meant to be enjoyed with dinner. No need to study your characters here - just dress up, show up and enjoy!

2Our original Black Ink Mysteries™ experiences - written, designed and produced in-house. These are more involved than the bookcase games, offering players an opportunity to be immersed in their characters. These titles are for the Whodunit Connoisseur and their inquisitive, playful guests looking for an experience they want to remember.

To learn how the games differ, and book a game, click below.

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Murder Mystery WHODUNIT

We now offer The End of Thyme as an IMMERSIVE online experience!

The End of Thyme - the Suspects with Motive to MurderBOOK THIS ORIGINAL MYSTERY TODAY!

The Great Sage Rosemary N. Thyme was both advisor and confidant to the powerful and criminally elite of Monkshood, OR. Her un-Thymely death at the hands of a hit-n-run driver poses a threat to you and 11 other of the Great Sage Rosemary N. Thyme's top Clients. Why? Because this could mean the discovery of all her closely held secrets about all of you. Fortunately, you have one opportunity to make sure your secrets stay hidden as you have been invited to the reading of the Sage's Last Will & Testament. It is there where you can make certain your secrets are kept secret and the you will have sway over the others.


Includes Character Packets with PROPS & COLLECTIBLES sent to Every Character Player!
The Game is run by a Conundrum House Game Master so even the Host/Hostess can play a role!

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ALL VIRTUAL VERSION with secret websites for Each of the Character Players! 
Run by a Conundrum House Game Master so even the Host/Hostess can play a role!



Includes Everything you need to play the game at home! 

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