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A Murder on the Grill Mystery

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You and your guests find yourselves at the Kansas City home of Tom Dooley for a sizzling backyard cookout and some fabulous party fun.

Too bad poor Tom gets iced over his hot grill - and you may be a suspect.

How low will you go?

In 1985, University Games introduced the Murder Mystery Party to the world as its first game. Years later, these parties-in-a-box still include everything players needs to solve a murder during an evening with friends.


Game Rules Audio Tracks

Party Planner with recipes and menu by Cookbook Author Sandra Gluck - including music and decorating tips

Character Booklets for all suspects, includes their roles and background information Eight Place Cards

Eight Party Invitations and Envelopes

Six Secret Clues

Compact Disc with an introduction, summary of events and solution to the crime

Players: 6 to 8 Ages: Adult